when i taste salt i think of you.

i remember when we were in the sea and

you kissed me so hard i thought you were trying

to rearrange my ribs and tie my heart strings in knots.

i remember staying up late and eating popcorn and talking

about life and death and everything in between and you told me

that maybe life wasn’t for you.

i remember tasting salt but this time it came from my eyes

and breathing hurt and i wondered

"was it like this for you?"

except it wasn’t because

you can drown in the sea

but you can’t drown in tears

"shoot for the moon"

set your targets high and you won’t be disappointed.

well i’ve got news for you because the last 

time i did that i missed the stars and i 

fell past the sun and not even the earth was there to catch me. 

well you’re the only person i know

who can shoot the moon -

dead-on, right in one, 

ready, aim, bullseye. 

and as i lie on the ground and look up at those very same stars,

i wonder why you hit me


for the first time in weeks

i’ve found myself smiling;

i’m happier than i have been

for seven months.

i’ve found myself laughing with the sunrise

and dancing round my room in the middle of the night.

and i’ve come to the only plausible conclusion:

it’s because you’re no longer here

to drag me down.

Anonymous asked:
it says ask a question, but this isn't a question. it's my thoughts on you as a writer! good obviously! your writing is the most beautiful thing I've ever read. you should try to get a book of your writings published. please. I'd buy it in a heart beat! keep going! you're brilliant(:

ohgosh this is incredible! I’ve only been writing for a few months, and I don’t know if you noticed but I took a month of two break because of work - I’m thinking of writing some more now :)

maybe in the future I will, who knows - thank you so much! x

claire-park asked:
the writing here amazes me, thank you

oh, thank you so much! this is lovely x

urban--imagination asked:
your poetry is amazing. I get it.

you’re amazing - thank you x

I handed over my heart the day we met,
and I do not know
whether I want it back
or not.